Driving Up the Mountain - Do's & Don'ts

Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, Colorado 7/28/11
  • Use common sense and make sure your car is capable of making the trip up Pikes Peak mountain. Calling a tow truck to Pikes Peak will cost you a lot of money. Bring a visa card with you if you drive a beater.

  • Drive the first two miles beyond the Tollgate in low gear to allow your vehicle to operate properly.

  • Drive easy grades and short level stretches in intermediate gears to prevent your vehicle from overheating.

  • Roll down the windows and let the fresh air in. It's best if you don't run your air conditioner while driving uphill as this may cause your engine to overheat.  Plus it will give your car more power.

  • If your vehicle starts to labor on grades, shift to a lower gear to maintain constant speed. This will assist in keeping your engine cooler. Shift automatic transmissions manually into a lower range to lock in the gear.

  • Stay on your side of the road, including the straight stretches and the curves. If you cut the corners you might end-up in a head-on collision with another car and drive off the mountain cliff. Survival would be slim and you probably would die a painful death.

  • If your car is slowing other traffic behind you, or you drive a smelly diesel car,  pull off at a turnout to permit other cars to pass you. Your courtesy will be appreciated and you wont have a bunch of pissed-off cars behind you giving you the middle finger.

  • If you overtake slower moving traffic, pass only in areas where there is sufficient visibility. Do not pass on blind curves or double yellow lines or chances are you just might die.
Entering Subalpine Zone, Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, Colorado 7/28/11
Pikes Peak Mountain Colorado