Be a Safety Ranger - Don't do Stupid Stuff - Enjoy your Pikes Peaks Visit!
Bottomless Pit Location, 12,760 FT, Pike National Forest, Cascade, Colorado 7/28/11
To make your trip more pleasant and enjoyable, keep in mind these helpful  hints and techniques form the folks who have visited the mountain before you. Take your time and enjoy the drive up and down the mountain. There is no reason to rush and miss all the wonderful scenic views.

The trip to Pikes Peak summit and back is 38 miles. You can plan on a minimum of 2-hours for the round trip drive to Pikes Peak Summit and back and have at least a half of tank of fuel in you gas tank. It's to drive up to Pikes Peak summit and save picture stops and points of interest for the drive down. This will be easier on your vehicles transmission and breaks.

  • Speed Limit is 25 mph
  • Uphill traffic has the right of way at all times
2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee:

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